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Thread: Tape Stop effect & Pitch Bend vst /AU???

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    Tape Stop effect & Pitch Bend vst /AU???

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    I use studio one pro on a iMac and i want to find a vst, au, that i can use to create the tape stop effect, like the one in Logic? And im looking for a pitch bending effect like the one that it is in Sony Soundforge where i can gradually bend Vocals to make them deeper or higher.? Any direction to where these vsts/Au's can be bought would be much appreciated...


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    im not sure if its mac compatible but try the dblue Glitch vst. that one does Tape Stop

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    Glitch is PC only; Sugar Bytes' Effectrix does pretty much the same stuff. For tapestop effects, you could always just render the bit of your track you want effected, load into a sampler and play with the pitch automation (or pitch wheel, same thing).

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