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Thread: how to make a beat tag

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    how to make a beat tag

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    i didnt know where to post this, so im sorry if its under the wrong topic...but whats the best way to make a beat tag, like what program, what effects to use to make it "cool" soundin, i jus want to use it at the beginning of all my beats, like drumma boy's "listen to this track *****" or the j.u.s.t.i.c.e league tag

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    u need 2 ask maestro ;-)

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    who is maestro

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    Yeah wouldnt mind knowing that tooo< and you can probablly search for dude on the earch member tab i think..

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    well with my beat tag all i did was sample one of my guys. he said my name in the chorus of a song. we had our studio engineer put it trough filters to make it sound like it was comming through a phone. just record somthing and try different filters on it. thats about as much help as i can give. i think i have the tag in some of my beats on my myspace page if u wanna hear what it sounds like. just check the sig

    nvm, i just realized what type of tag you talin bout lol. i wanna know too
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    if u don't know who maestro is? that dude is a main stream producer who started out on fp, he produces for lil wayne now and ****

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    I do vocal tags different every time. Sometimes pitch shift, scratching, little kid voice or laughing, vocoded tag, whatever.
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    There are two types of tags.

    One is meant to let people know you made the track and the other is meant to discourage/stop people from 'Jackin Yo beat'.

    Identity tags are usually short in the beginning and longer at the end of the track. You say your name at the start and again at the end and a means of contacting you. Make it clear and simple to catch. No complex email addresses etc.

    Jacker Tags are longer, full sentences and are mixed behind the music and loop throughout the track. Your name, name of the track and maybe your fake Production company. Some cats narrate and describe the track.

    You need to to tinker with whatever you use until "it sounds cool" enough. If you want to obsess over your tags then first think about your style of production and have the tags match it.

    Make sure you use the right tag for the situation.
    If you want to get creative, you can use a sample from a flick that epitomizes your steez. Keep using it and it'll come to be known as yours. Obviously avoid famous quotes. Don't sample Scarface.

    In the end, don't crazy over tags. No one is going to buy your beat because your voice tag is hott. And the dudes who are the most concerned with tags usually don't have beats worth stealing.

    Most artists reject any track with looped voice tags.
    1. they see it as an insult that you think they might steal your beat.
    2. Most cats want to make the record first to see if it'll fly before they get at you about the beat.
    3. It says you're STILL handing out beats to anonymous cats.
    4. Your annoying voice disturbs their high and breaks their concentration.
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