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Thread: Starting a beat (noob guy)

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    Red face Starting a beat (noob guy)

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    I wanna make sure I'm not doing the wrong things from the start. What's the FIRST thing I should do when I open up my DAW? I go straight into dragging my preferred sounds onto the pattern editor and start the beat (FL studio). It seems like I'm missing something. Should I be doing anything before? Like checking anything? (In the DAW, not like check my speakers or something cuz I have none lol )

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    you just gotta go in off some inspired shit. No method to the madness. Study music theory if you cant come up with anything. And if your having rhythm problems idk what to say lol i always been pretty good at that
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    just go with the flow man...

    load up your sounds and make some damn music.. lol. some people start with the drums some start with the melody or sample some combine the 2 (like me)... but there is no set rules, just open your DAW load your sounds and make some music man just HAVE FUN with it.

    check out my website for tips on certain things that might help you: www [dot] messybeatz [dot] com (sorry cant post links yet but you can also hit the pic in my sig to go direct to the site)

    peace and good luck

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    No real formula, if what you're doing works for you, dont stray from it.

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    as everyone else said, there's no real "formula". but what i used to do (hell i still do it), is model it after a different beat. after that you should get some sense of where to go

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