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Thread: Soft-Sampler that can do real time pitching & tempo change separately???

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    Soft-Sampler that can do real time pitching & tempo change separately???

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    I have been looking high and low for this.. i see what all those MPC owners do, and i want to do the same.. but with software, if there is a sampler out there good enough to do this..?

    Basicly , what i want is to do is: chop some nice short samples from a soulsong "for example" and then adjust the pitch and/or tempo of every sample separately, create a melody with that and then.. maby if i feel like it take some samples from a complete OTHER track, let's say a hornstab and just adjust the pitch so it matches my previous construction.. and add it to my beat!

    i'm using phatmatic pro for sampling right now.. I kind of always liked it but now it ****ing frustrates me that when i pitch up some samples it just gives it a higher tempo basicly making the sample shorter and useless! you have to get damn lucky if the pitch you like matches the tempo of your daw's tempo.

    so far every soft-sampler i try just can't do this!! Battery, BPM , Phatmatic pro..
    PLZ help. I have tried googeling this for hours now and it doesn't seem to bring up many 'clear' answers!

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    Yo, I know what you mean. It can be a lil confusing, but in my experience, Kontakt is the best and most efficient sampler to keep the speed constant across different pitches (using the Time Machine settings makes this a lot easier!). In the screen shot, the menu that is open is the one where you can select the sample mode. Generally by default its gonna be on a sample mode that sounds similar to traditional samplers, so you have to choose a specific mode and then you can tweak it from there if you need to!

    However, often times, I will stretch a file in the arrange window in Logic and leave the sample on that audio channel running in flex mode.
    Or, If i am working on my Maschine in standalone and I don't want to open the project in a DAW, I adjust the tempo and pitch of samples with Maschine, but I prefer kontakt because you can do these pitch and tempo shifts in variety of ways.

    If I helped you at all, please consider helping me out with a vote in this beat battle on FP: KFX KICKS BEAT BATTLE#2 - Round#2 - 2 battles - You choose the winner!!!

    Good luck with the sampling and lemme know if you have any questions about Logic, Kontakt or Maschine and i'll try and help you out.

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    thank you for your answer. allthough what you say does work, (i can load samples in kontakt and pitch them in real time) it's not exactly what i would like to do.. see i want to take like 5-10 pieces of a soulsong , just short samples .. then pitch them in real time and after that create a melody with them.. like on the mpc. if i use kontakt then yes i can load a sample and spread it over de keys and pitch it up and down in real time, i still can't play my different samples 'together' to create a melody..
    i would have to record every little sample separately :S and that doesn't give me much creativity to create a cool melody with little pieces of a song. hmm

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    I think with Kontakt you can set your samples up to change pitch with aftertouch and/or velocity on the you load your chops to assigned keys and how you press your keys triggers how you want them. Or hell.....assign your changes to some buttons so when you want the tempo to change you hit a button on your keyboard controller or maybe a key on your keyboard or something. I'm sure abelton live can do it.

    I would rather use Reason and transpose the wav as I load it instead of playing it live. It takes too long trying to set everything up for a live performance.

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