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Thread: Lost in what DAW to use, please help

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    Lost in what DAW to use, please help

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    I have been working with FL Studio for about 4 months now, and I know a lot about it and can focus on the music making as opposed to how to do something. I am thinking down the road I will want to perform live and FL Studio won't do anything for me in this regards (with the exception of the new 'Performance Mode' which looks like shit). Before I become entrenched in FL, I think I should move on to a new DAW for live performances and music making. Ableton Live? Logic? Cubase? Any direction you guys can point me in would be great. Thanks.

    P.S. I make electronic music and rely heavily on routing mixer effects to different soft synth's I have made (if that is any help in helping me)

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    Hello There I had the same problem once. I was using FL for a long time and i couldnt do anything with it... FL is not user friendly, and u have many poped windows and a mixer wich u need to get a track to and the put wffect or plugins. This shitty. I changed DAW to ABLETON LIVE 8 and it was like a gift from God everything is clean simple and u can do everything with ableton stock instruments and effects. U realy will be satisfied with live!! Artists like Celldweller, Dada Life, Skrillex, Killbot use Live. Trust Me Ableton is the Best! Sorry for my English I'm from Poland
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    I hear a lot of good stuff about ableton in live performance. I haven't met another DAW then Reason that pleases me though. Reason is a beast!
    Just check the artist reviews for it:
    Artist Features - YouTube

    Tbh, if you already know some stuff about FL, i'd stick with FL, but if that really doesn't do it in live, you'd need something else then I guess.

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    Try them out and pick one. We can give you opinions from now until doomsday in the end you're still the one that's going to make the decision... So just start experimenting

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    use fl studio.. avicii uses and it's real easty to use.. also ableton live is popular in the edm world..

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    Reaper is where its at
    *New beat called "Focus" @
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    cubase 7, machfive 3, and arturia spark is all you'll ever need EVERRR!! trust me

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