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Thread: Is this a good Idea?

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    Is this a good Idea?

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    I was looking forward to purchasing the Massive Plugin and a EQ for my production from Native Instruments.
    Is this a good idea or should I just stick to my FL Studio EQ?

    and I was considering the Massive Plugin is this a good vst?

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    Massive is probably the best damn plugin you can buy, as for EQ's im not the guy, but i've been using Massive since probably 2010 and its the best investment i ever made, try FM8 too, Massive can make basicly any type of sound you imagine...

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    FM8 and Massive are both quality VST's. As for EQ's, Im using FabFilter Pro-Q and pretty happy with it.

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    Download the Massive demo and see for yourself. No point in trying to justify it without hearing it.

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    I have massive and been using it for dubstep bass. As far as EQ FL studio seem to work fine for me. But if Anybody knows of any real good EQ tools, let me know.

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    i use both sylenth and massive regularly. i prefer massive over sylenth whenever i want to create a sound that requires a lot of envelope modulation (which is why i think a lot of dubstep producers like it). when i want to patch or prototype something quick, i'll usually go with sylenth.
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    You can't go wrong with Massive. It's hands down my fav synth. As far as EQ's go, there is a difference since low quality EQ's tend to add artifacts to your sound if you're boosting certain frequencies. Personally I use DMG Audio Equality for my EQ. FabFilter Q is also a really good one.

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    Massive is a great program - even if you are just starting out and aren't too sure how to create your own patches there's a lot of downloadable patches that other people have made. I'd recommend learning how to create your own sounds eventually though, NI Massive is probably the easiest and well tuned synth VST I know (goes for many NI products). Like some others said above, you can easily head over to NI's website and snag the demo. Another site to look at is, they have a whole bunch of tutorials on there on creating sounds. I'm unsure about the EQ, but usually big name DAW's have decent ones that get the job done. Hope you find what you're looking for!

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    massive is a really versatile synth,
    recommended, but of course would be good to try the demo

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    Massive is def a good start, look into tone2 firebird and sylenth as well though
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