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Thread: fl studio help

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    fl studio help

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    is there any way to fix this annoying staticy sound in fl studio it happens when i use vsts like nexus or even sytrus ive tried alot of things pretty much every thing on youtube is the a sound card for laptops that will just fix the problem. thanks in advance!!!

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    Have you tried ASIO4All? Usually does the trick.

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    go in audio settings and switchout the primary sound driver to the ASIO4all driver, its in there, click it to change it, that will probly help you out alittle bit

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    As everyone above is saying, switch your sound driver to ASIO4all. If that doesn't help it might be due to shortcomings as far as your computer's speed goes.

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    external soundcard with asio will do the trick. having decent PC specs can help also, but it's a good step to take by getting an audio driver with recording capabilities and what not. you can usually pick em up pretty cheap, I got mine for $80 AUS.

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