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Thread: Are expensive vsts worth it?

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    some are worth it, and its good to start learning the interface of synths especially when starting out

    but until you are well versed in your stock plugs and the basics of synthesis/sound design/mixdown just focus on learning your DAW native instruments and effects

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    Quote Originally Posted by logic7 View Post
    nah fam, SFZ+ Professional by rgc:audio is the best soundfont playback VST.

    And best of all, it's free

    Cakewalk - SFZ+ Professional

    cop that and tell me it ain't the best...
    I had better success with
    the also free
    SafFron SE soundfont player
    I couldn't get any soundfonts to play in
    Cake's free soundfont play
    made a account and all but no play back at all
    maybe I was doing something wrong
    but SafFron SE is good to me
    but FL Studio Soundfont player is best in my opinion
    because of the drag and drop feature
    no searching through a directories
    I sure it's a great product the Cake Soundfont player

    -Coach Antonio

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    Despite the fact that a lot of expensive VST's have some brilliant samples and features, a lot of sounds can still be achieved with practise! Learn how to use your program and master the art!

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    if you are a pro and serious about music production then yes, if it is a hobbie then no

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    Quote Originally Posted by krushing View Post
    It's one of the cheapest commercial DAWs out there. Back in the day it used to cost about five times as much...
    like when i bought it >.<

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    I heard refx stuff is all you need.
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    Excellent responses, thanks guys!
    I found myself making some fie tracks with free plugins.
    IMO when you a good understanding of architecture of a vsti, you can do wonders no matter how much you pay for it

    The 27 best free VST plug-ins in the world today | MusicRadar

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    Freeware is really usable right now. That said some of the more expensive vsts are really good but they will not make or break your music. Its all a matter of taste for the most part and if you want great sounds from the start I would say yes spend some money. The main things I personally avoid in terms of freeware are drums. I have yet to find a really good free drum kit online. I know someone will bring up the Boi1da kits but I don't like those kits. Way too much clipping for my own use.

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    The foundation of quality beats is what?!??!?! oh my god its quality sounds no way.....

    lol for real though the better sounds you have the more potential you have to make a good beat. The best musician in the world is still gonna make a relatively shitty beat if all he or she has is crappy soundfonts and weak drums
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    Quote Originally Posted by krushing View Post
    Expensive plugins & hoping for a magic cure-it-all = not gonna happen. Expensive plugins when you know what to do with them and why they're better than your stock ones = worth it.
    I must agree!

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