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Thread: Question about modulation (SONAR) without midi controller?

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    Question about modulation (SONAR) without midi controller?

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    I'm getting a Session Keystudio 49-key, and I think there are only pitch and volume wheels to use with effects.

    So for modulation like changing the cutoff gradually in SONAR, is there any way you can set markers or something to do this? If so, could you explain kind of step by step how to do it?

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    If there's a volume wheel.... i would believe that you can just map that to anything your mod wheel would have controlled.

    don't ask me how to do that lol... but i'm confident you should be able to do it. it's just setting that CC to the correct parameter.

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    I think your in luck :-)

    Excerpt - Info on the Session Keystudio 49-keyboard:
    49-key, synth-action keyboard. assignable modulation wheel for effects. volume slider. pitch bend wheel. octave/transpose +/- buttons. sustain pedal input.

    For Automation of Synth Parameters:
    Right-Click add new envelop > menu > add the plugin instrument you wish to control (you will see a list) such as 'Cut-Off, Filter, etc' (simply tick any of the boxes in that menu) and you set to go.

    CC# (Continuos Controllers);
    Go into PRV (Piano Roll view) > top left menu (defaults velocity) add new controller (see manual regarding the softsynth) it should provide a list of CC#, simply add the #[number], open controller pane and from there you can draw in the new CC# events.

    Sonar can all do this but that's if the plugin supports it. Most modern softsynths allows you to control just about all of it's parameters :-)

    Sorry I can't provide screenshots to better explain! I'm not at my DAW, my studio is strictly for 'off-line' use only. I'm currently using Linux Ubuntu for Internet purpose.
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