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Thread: Fpc Preset Back By Popular Demand

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    I can host this if you want, so you don't need to mess with the URL.

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    Axiom 25 right here please.
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    I downloaded this awhile back in another thread, thanx for this man.
    It has helped me out quite abit, and i use it almost everytime i use fl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeIsTruth
    I posted this a good while back, and it seems people really responded well to it, though no one seemed to say anything to me about it until the thread got lost.

    Point is, this is a preset I created for FPC plugin in FL Studio for those of you who like to NOT use this preset for drums or anything else other then chopping up samples. If you're a fan of the Edison plugin then this is the PERFECT preset for you.

    Long story short, all pads on the FPC have been set to interrupt each other, and they all correspond to consecutive keys on your MIDI controller (provided you have one). For example, PAD 1 would be controlled by the C key, PAD 2 controlled by the C# key, PAD # controlled by the D key, etc. no more random spaced out keys for your samples. I'll even do a video tomorrow showing how I chop up records. So once again here's the settings this will give you:

    1 - All pads/samples set to interrupt each other
    2 - All samples now controlled by consecutive keys on your controller, making sample arranging that much easier
    3 - All samples will be dumped to mixer channel 1, which means you can chop a whole record, map it out and you'll automatically be able to add effects via the mixer
    4 - all pads set to their loudest, so you can just turn down the FPC plugin volume as a whole.

    I had planned on doing some further editing to this preset but the emails/PMs i've been getting for this are just wondreing if so many people knew about the thread, why the HAYLLL they didn't just download the file :confused:

    Anyway, enjoy.


    Download and paste into your C:\program files\image-line\FL Studio\data\patches\plugin presets\generators\FPC folder.

    Oh yeah, before I forget, here's the file

    2jaze program default.fst - 0.01MB - by now you should know what to replace the **** with.....i'll give you a hint: it rhymes with bShare
    thanks for the re-u fam.

    Quote Originally Posted by bobsmitt
    props for reposting this even though i already have one for my MPD (the original keys they use for the FPC r setup to use with the MPD n ****)

    if anyone wants an fpc preset for use w/ the axiom pads post here.
    i woulndnt mind a preset for the axiom 25 myself.
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    thank you thank you thank you thank you

    iif yall dont got the mpd 24.. and all you got is a keyb... use direct wave set the polyphony value to mono... and the adsr realese all the way up

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    appreciate the link. I'm going to try this out when I get a chance.

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    I'll even do a video tomorrow showing how I chop up records.
    How can I find that video. It could help me alot. Thx!

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    Hadn't really considered what the default preset was for....always thought it was weird like that for a reason though.

    This set up works best (if not only) with a midi keyboard. pad-hardware i would imagine would require different.

    Next, I'll post how to really freak with Edison.

    Keep hip-hope alive

    Quote Originally Posted by noblewordz
    I can host this if you want, so you don't need to mess with the URL.

    If you feel like enough ppl would benefit from it, sure

    Anyone know why FL took the Subwoofer bass preset/patch out of post-FL5 versions?
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    Soon as I get a chance I'm a d/a this here but the ppl wit da axiom, all u gotta do is open fpc, and then if u go to the note value for fpc (which represents the note on ur controller to press to trigger that pad) an pull it all the way down it will say "lrn" or learn. Now once u dat, hit a pad on ur axiom and the pad will automatically be set to the pad on the fpc. Do that with each pad until they are all set. And then go to the fpc options button in da left corner and go down to save preset an there u have it. An axiom preset for the pads.

    Hope that made since! 1.

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    ^^ perfect preset are for the samplers, that way all your samples go to one mixer channel. Its also cool for drum "breaks" as well, unless you route your chops in breaks, to different channels

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