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Thread: FL Studio vs Reason

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    How many of these Reason vs FL Studio threads are there? Damn...
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    Quote Originally Posted by macbeat View Post
    How many of these Reason vs FL Studio threads are there? Damn...
    At least one a week lol. Still rock with FL though.

    High Quality FL Studio Tutorials

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    i find the FL Studio workflow works best for me. i also like being able to drag and drop samples and the like.

    although, for recording live audio, i kinda lean towards Reason. I like the ability to easily add effects and stuff to each separate track and keep it separate while this is possible in FL Studio, i feel like Reason does it better.

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    FL Studio also works with VST's

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    Change the pan law.
    Project general settings>turn off circular panning.

    Simple as that, and it actually has nothing to do with sound quality at all. Just how you hear it.

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    Reason is good for somethings, I find it a lot simpler to use(Except the step sequencer, its terrible!), and you can get some pretty good sounds out of it, but it never will offer the flexibility FL Studio offers. I cant even describe why I like FL Studios work flow so much, its just really fast to me. Theres less mucking around actually trying to get the DAW to do things for you and more musical creation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rapt0r View Post
    FL - very fast workflow
    Reason - very predictable sound output after rendering that is very suitable for electronic music.

    If you are type of person who feels music already "hear in head" what you want, FL is your pick. Grab sample from left side, like it, put it in. Everything goes so rapidly in FL if you have mastered it, and if you want to lay down whatever you are "hearing in your mind'" It's choice for you. Also, everything else is easy to do in it too, automations, build in LFO's for parameter adjustment automations, everything happens realy quick.

    My pick is FL.
    I totally agree. I'm a beginner, but it only took around 2 months to figure out decent production in FL. What I typically do is make a dummy kick track, jam/program out a riff on one of the built-in synths, and replace it with a VST if FL's sounds can't get me what I need. Most of the time it does though, aside from drum samples which are usually downloaded one-shot samples. The best part about picking sounds in FL is the mixer tracks will keep your effects and settings if you swap.

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    I still cant believe in 2012 people think that one DAW "sounds better".

    To be honest I am a firm believer in Workflow.

    I am the laziest bastard out there. I hate spending time with simple tasks when I want to be creating. Ive used Cubase, Sonar, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Reason, Tampered with Ableton and have an MC808 Groovebox. I love Sonar for mixing and love FL for creating. I find each compliments my work flow for each task. I would say get better Drum Samples and get better VSTS and/or record live. The quality is going to come from what you feed into it. If you have bad sounds and samples then obviously the track will sound mediocre.

    PS, Ive used Reason extensively and I used to always be bothered with how they wouldnt let 3rd party into their software. One Thing I loved was that with ReDrum you can easily flip through samples and audition while the track is playing. something I wish FL would integrate.
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    I like Fl because it really easy to use and its piano roll is the best

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    fl studio is much easier to use.

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