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Thread: FL 10 goes quieter in parts of beat than others, automation problem maybe?

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    FL 10 goes quieter in parts of beat than others, automation problem maybe?

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    Hey Guys, so i recently upgraded to Fl Studio 10 from 9, i just got a new pc w/ windows 7, and i downloaded some new electronic vsts, one of which is tal noisemaker. Now i dont know what it is, but for some reason i hear some parts of my beats are louder than other parts and especially some parts become quieter. It seems like ever since these new things ive been having that trouble. So please, if anyone has an idea or had similar trouble please help me out!! thank you!!

    (ok so im almost convinced that it has something to do with the automation of the volume, but i dont see ANY automation clips, nothing dealing with the volume at least)

    mp3 of the beat (most noticable in the hook)

    lmfao pop beat2 | DJ Shands Music

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    Sounds more like a mixing issue to me, mix low and then master to get your volume.

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    i had the same problem when i switched tot he new computer i was using. i thought it was something in my audio settings but i took the limiter off of the master channel and everything has been fine

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    A limiter on the master mixer track crossed my mind, sounds like its quiet but it could just be sqashed at certain areas of the song.

    also could be wrong tho, so yea thats my 2pennies

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    It could be a limiter, accidental volume automation or clashing of frequencies in your mix.
    Keep your eye on the channel volume knobs during playback, that might be it.

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