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Thread: Dub Turbo - my 7th day

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    I'm sorry for being a dick but I was at the end of typing all of that when the file didn't work so I said I'll update it in what I thought would be minutes so I didn't save it elsewhere. I thought who would see it?

    I was very weary of Dub Turbo, and I wrote like 4000 words of how crappy their advertising is to send them but I didn't (I saved that). When I searched for DT, I found it mentioned on "is this a" etc. I bought it anyway, thinking that the youtube vids show a working program.

    I read all the bogus reviews, they're all different but they sound the same, right? This isn't a scam, it's a review. I'll prove it. Don't buy Dub Turbo, it's the worst DAW in DAW history. It fkin' blows. It's so bad that when I use it I want to shove screw-drivers into my ear canals so that I can never hear its god aweful sound again, just a bloody mess. There are babies in Africa who are starving because of Dub Turbo. How's that for spam? I don't think a scam would bad mouth its own product.

    DT 1.5 is good for me, a beginner. The sounds are lame but it's easy to use. I can't find awesome instruments and a really good drum kit. I can't tell which frequency of bass I'm using, I just pick the lowest I can. That's about it.

    Is DT like the n00b DAW or something?

    Here's my beat. I don't have a mixer, I used Windows Movie-something so there's 2-4 second breaks between the intro, choruses, verses, and outros. It won't even let me post links so use www obviously.

    Yeah, I'll get a mixer. Do you know how hard downloading is with dial-up? There isn't high-speed available here.

    I have Grado SR80 headphones which pick up everything great but one side works sometimes (I soldered it before), and I can't bloody find them, they're my babies! I have three Eclipse SW8200's in 3.75 cubes sealed but I need a 2kw amp for them. They drop soooo looow.

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    Dub Turbo costs $30, I believe.

    You are much better off getting Reaper.

    It's a real DAW packed with features. Then you can go to KVR:

    There you can read, learn, and download a ton of free plug ins that can be used with Reaper. Even if you are a beginner, you don't have to be stuck with something as ridiculous as Dub Turbo. Reaper is real!!!!
    Long Live the Old School!!!!

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    Is this software good for newbies at least?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koriz View Post
    Is this software good for newbies at least?
    Don't even know how I got to this page, just surfing the nets and dubturbo rears its head again. To answer this question (which may be held by many looking at this page) NO. The only thing this DAW is really good for is playing back notes. The sounds provided are weak and it doesn't provide the capability to manipulate sounds to make them better, clean and powerful. Being able to manipulate sounds is pretty much the point of music production, so this is something that everyone has to learn. Newbies included. I can't really pretend to be a good teacher (then again, I haven't tried too much) but doing it properly doesn't necessarily mean being thrown in at the deep end. It's better to get a legit DAW (as kb420 said, Reaper is legit and affordable) and learn how to tweak sounds and produce music in a variety of ways. There are loads of great tuts on the internet to show you the way, and a great website called The only people who would be impressed by dubturbo are non-musicians who think its cool that you can make little noises. Really its no more impressive than me posting on this thread and showing all my friends that "I'm on the internet! Aren't I great!!!"

    If you don't take music production seriously, that's fair enough. If you do, stay away from dubturbo and put the hard work in to get better. We all did.

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    Hey whats cracking.. Any body wana trade dubturbo 2.0 for beat thang...its worth more than dubturbo ... I just wana check it will help me out n it will help u out...

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    There are good free, and affordable programs out there that I would consider first.

    I think MuLab free is a good start, and not overly complicated.

    There are plenty of usefull free DAW's btw.

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