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Thread: Compare DAWs (for a beginner)

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    Question Compare DAWs (for a beginner)

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    I'm going to either buy SONAR X2 Essentials, Reason Essentials 1.5, or FL Studio 10 Fruity because I like the interface and ppl told me that's what matters-wether or not you're comfortable with the workflow of the DAW. But since I am a beginner, I need someone to tell me about the tech specs about these. Plz I know everyone suggests FL but I'd like to see for myself.

    EX: I've heard a big difference between FL and Sonar is that sonar is limited to 64tracks, but supports recording

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    Quote Originally Posted by stillfunkin View Post
    not trying to sound harsh... but the best way to go about this is demoing the different products... download the demo of one product at a time... the bottom line is... you are going to be the best judge!!!
    It's not harsh. It's the truth. It all comes down to personal taste

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    You should go on YOUTUBE and watch different tutorials for each program. That is also a good way to learn about the workflow of different DAW's. Find the one that seems to make the most sense to you, and that will be your best bet.
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    Yes, YouTube is a great way to figure out what you want to use, and also the DAW companies websites where they post feature videos. I think youtube is a bit better though, because you get to see "real world" experience closer to your actual set up. When its done by the company, the studio and the gear is usually top-notch expensive and probably not in your reach at the moment.

    Also read this

    DAW Buyers Guide
    Dre The 5th
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    You should throw Studio One into the mix while you're on your search. - - Wearing these hoodies will make your music better.... How? It's science! Don't question science!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da59 View Post
    because I like the interface and ppl told me that's what matters-wether or not you're comfortable with the workflow of the DAW.
    Not sure who told you that, but it makes no sense - you wouldn't want a nice looking car that turns right when you turn the wheel to the left either, right? The workflow has to be comfortable. Of course there's always a learning curve with everything before you find the comfort and it can be hard to tell from a beginner's point of view, but still...shiny looks don't do shit if it doesn't work.

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    I use aiompro61 with hipercontrolo with reason 5, need a daw for sampling because I produce hip hop.

    which should I use FL studio or cubase 5?

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    fl studio is the best

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    I agree with stillfunkin. try the demos.

    I did that (back in 2010) and chose FL Studio Producer Edition. I suggest that or Signature Bundle instead of Fruity Edition. That doesn't have the full functionality like automations, audio clips, or some plugins like Slicex and Edison.
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    yeah fruity producer editions are the best and the GUI is the most intuituve imho. but i learned everything i know from youtoobs and forums.

    realistically every DAW is the same, if there was one that was clearly better surely that would be the obv choice..
    but there isnt, that being said, they al have their own pros and cons and limitations - but thats what re-wired is for!

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