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    I really want to upgrade but I am not sure if I should make the investment. I have sonar 7 and many vst plugins (cakewalk and third-party. I want to know will my sonar 7 plug-ins like rapture and such work in Sonar X2. Also if I have many third party plug-ins (focusrite, waves audio, etc) would it be wise to go with Essentials since I think I have enough plug-ins to suite me or should I be looking more towards studio or producer?

    Please help

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    SONAR X2 comes with newer versions of alot of that stuff. And even if you go with the cheaper version that doesn't come with all the instruments your old registered cakewalk instruments will still work inside it. Rapture, Dimension Pro, Session Drummer, ect. from the prev ver. will run just fine.

    I think it's actually cheaper to upgrade than to buy the cheaper ver. of x2, if you upgrade you'll get the newer instruments and updates as well. I'd know more about this, but been on a Mac the last couple years.
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    Yea I plan on upgrading and upgrading essentials is the cheapest and I was wondering if I could manage with what I already have.

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