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Thread: Cubase 6 or Reason 6

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    Cubase 6 or Reason 6

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    Simple question should i go with cubase 6 or reason 6???
    what i want to do is to be able to record audio and midi. Reason 5 didnt have that choice now reason 6 came out i was thinking about using that as my DAW of choice..

    Before i was always using cubase 5 and rewiring reason 5 for my music production, but now that reason 6 came out, im thinking that changed everything...

    Can you help me out guys??


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    It sounds like Reason is your main choice of creating music. So I would say go with reason 6. You still would have Cubase 5. If you have never used Reason or Cubase before I would say Cubase 6.

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    yea if you use reason for production, get r6. having your vocal tracks right there on the sequencer with all your other stuff is worth the purchase alone. not to mention every session is fully self contained. with reason you dont have to keep up with wav files.

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    Cubase 6 - all those yummy VST`s both included and 3rd party

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    im stuck with the same problem bro. i love have new vsti but i come to a point were i know if i tune in my ear and a lil time i can duplicate or mimic any of them sounds in reason

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    Decide what program offers you more of what you need. Imo both programs have their ups and downs. I am currently rewiring Reason 6 to Sonar 7. I'm happy using both and some old vsti I have. Also looking into grabbing a hard synth or two again to use with my software as well.

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    I couldn't say Reason is better than Cubase. Doesn't mean that Reason isn't better for you. It does seem that you really like Reason. If you don't need vsti or advanced hardware connections and audio manipulation tools, then Reason will do.

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    you have to decide what program will not only give you more but also keep up with you and what your trying to do. Me personally i use Cubase its just all around AWESOME with what i need and want to do without going back and forth with other programs! An all in one workstation = Cubase!

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    Plus.. its not like ur startin from scratch. Cubase 5 is more than enough DAW in case u need to pull it out again and Rewire. Sounds like ud get more benefit with Reason 6 upgrade.

    Or Studio One. :-D

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    hops is offline Registered User
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    Why not use reason rewired by cubase in order to add vsti?

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