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Thread: Creating Sounds with Massive

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    Creating Sounds with Massive

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    Does anyone know any good resources on how to get started making your own sounds in Massive? I'm new to the whole production biz and the one thing that is bothering me right now the most is not being able to get the sounds out from my head onto the computer.

    I need help understanding what all of these knobs are for so if anyone knows any good resources would you please let me know?

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    i know what you trying to do but its barely impossible to make the sound you have in you head or a sound your heard on a song . you can only hope to get a good sound that you ever heard . that why most producer use preset (i dont) .

    if i can give you a tips watch some tutorial on how people use massive and create there sound (pretty much learn how massive work ) then your ready to create your own unique sound .

    hope it help

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    Massive's own manual does a pretty decent job at describing the controls - there's even a "create your own sound" tutorial in it that goes through the basics.
    and like this.

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    watch some tutorials on youtube, even if its for basic sounds, and just follow the guidelines, after a while you will get a feel for the interface... massive is pretty in depth

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    Best resources are Massive's Manual and Youtube;

    This is a video i done a while back just on making a basic white noise drop, il try and upload some more on basses and leads if I can.

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    Youtube's full of tutorials on how to make crappy brostep wobbles. I can't post links yet, but look up Distance - Creating Pads - Tutorial on Youtube. You can use massive to make some amazing sounds.

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