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Thread: best software for making beats for beginners ?

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    FL Studio is the best and most easiest to learn.

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    if you plan on recording a lot give reaper a look

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    FL Studio.

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    I would say FL studio...

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    Propellerhead's Reason, because it is scalable.
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    Believe me that they are ALL great for beginners because whichever one you start with, you'll get used to it. Eventually you'll be so good at it that the rest will be just as easy to use.
    Just start with anything.

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    FL Studio for production
    and Cubase for tracking,mixing

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    Fl studio and you tube tutorials that is all

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    Don't waste your time on learning something because people say it's easier, just take the time to learn the good DAWS right off the bat. I would definitely stay away from stuff like Garage band and others alike, it's just a waste of time imho. Pick a daw and learn it, these days it's easy to learn any given one fairly quickly with youtube and tutorials everywhere.. Your gonna want to do many things and some will only limit you and then your gonna have to learn a new one. I never touched Protools a day in my life and i figured it out in 2 weeks.

    This is just my opinion but ive been doing this over 10 years and quickly learned that it's best to pick one because you like it's features and broad spectrum of options not because it sounds or looks easy, don't sacrifice quality, versatility and options because of a learning curve which can easily be overcome these days.
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    Try this alternative that I list on my site. It's cheap, easy, just what a beginner needs. No need to try and find a 'cracked' version of something expensive or spend 400bucks not knowing if you can even use it!

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    KelevraOne , that beat in your signature is freaking niiiice Learn how to make beats the easy way. Check out my site to find simple, high quality software with high quality samples that help you in making beats.

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