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Thread: Electribes????

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    Are they DSP synths or sample playback or both. Excluding the two sampler ones... Could someone break it down for me. The specs I've seen don't really say...Also, are they any good? Anyone use them and use keyboard controlers with them?
    ...and so on...

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    The Korg ELECTRIBE-A1 and EA-1 mkII are korgs tabletop analog modeling synth, with relatively simple and intuitive layout and design. They have 2 voices/channels and 2 VA VCO's per voice, with one doubling as a line in. Also the EA-1 models have Tempo delay, Distortion, and a chorus/flanger. Imho it's a very fun and good sounding VA synth and with the inclusion of an on board sequencers/pattern creator (that can record knob movments for shifting sounds) one can quickly fill up it's 1-4 bar 256 pattern bank.

    *also note the New Korg Electribe•EMX-1
    has built in Twin vacuum tubes and 9 drum parts, 5 synth parts, plus accent parts that let you add dynamic accents to the drum and synth parts (for a total of 16 parts). As well as having an arpeggiator: Ribbon + Slider Scale, Effects: 16 types x 3 (Chain), and Korgs new MMT (Multi Modeling Technology) engine (16 different oscillator algorithms )

    Hope this helps
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    When it comes down to it many "VA" and DSP synths use lookup tables to generate the base oscillators anyway. But to the electribes

    ER - some tracks are DSP and some are samples
    EA - all DSP (possible lookup on "oscillator")
    EM - all samples
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    ER-1 DSP and PCM sounds.

    Very accurate on tweaks, it's a shame the knobs are so tiny.

    Electribes are GREAT machines for performing.

    The delay effect is one of the greatest I've heard.

    but my fav. feature, is the hability to register sounds on the 16 mini-pads during playing mode, so they will repeat on the next loop. That's so useful when playing on realtime...

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