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Thread: What do yall think about the New MPC? Worth it or Waste of $?

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    think i will hold out for the MPC studio, try the software and go from there. heard its 379 in the uk which puts it maybe cheapest mpc ever

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    hollandturbine is online now Registered User
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    I think that kind of shit is a waste of money because it doesn't offer anything I can't already do with my software and MIDI controllers, in fact I can probably do more.

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    If Akai MPC stick to hardware i guess...

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    MrWonderful is offline Insane FP Patriot
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    Waste of money for me it would be. I'm more than content with FL Studio.

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    i used software for 10 years with a mpd then got a mpc 2000xl.

    would never go back
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    I think maschine and the new akai mpc line is a great peace of technology, the way it integrates hardware and software together.. but I think it's mainly for people who are used-to using strictly hardware drum machines..

    people complain about to many mouse clicking with software.. but really it's like the same thing.. the only difference is your doing it with a drum machine

    seems a bit too tedious for me.. I would rather get a good midi controller and good software and make beats that way.. the software that comes with these new drum machines wont nearly be as advance as normal softwares
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    Whatever works for you. I enjoy the older MPC's. I learned to make beats on the MPC2KXL and now use MPD + Software. Have a SP-1200 for drums. I think the new generation of "drum machines" aka controllers + software are cool. But for me, its either extreme or a mix of the both... hardware or software or both. Certainly thought about forking out $1300... then I slapped myself in the face and took a cold shower.
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    I like the look and the workflow. Def a nice centerpiece for a studio. But... Overpriced..the software is too new and you can get the same workflow and probably better features and tested software with Maschine.
    My take is ...if you want an MPC get an MPC. The Renaissance is not really an MPC to me but rather a really nice looking MPD bundled with an Akai software. The only 1up they have on Maschine with this is the Audio inputs other than that I say like what was said earlier use an MPD w/ Reason, Logic, FL or whatever and you get the same result. My 2 cents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hollandturbine View Post
    I think that kind of shit is a waste of money because it doesn't offer anything I can't already do with my software and MIDI controllers, in fact I can probably do more.
    Neither does anything else. Surely you dont think everything except your choice of software and midi controller is a waste of money.

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    It is certainly not a waste of money. It is worthy every penny of my investment....and I purchased a new one from AMS 'after' Akai sent me the prototype.

    I currently own the best MPCs ever created...MPC 2500, 3000, and 4000. And I can say will all honesty that they Ren is much more fun to use. The software is in its infant stages like all new products. But Akai is working daily to enhance the software and add new features. We should be getting another update soon. I wish I could say specifically.....but can't. But there are some really exciting things planned for the Ren.

    If you are skeptical....then just sit back and wait for the product to mature. But there is no doubt in my mind that the Ren will be positioned as one of the best MPCs ever created...if not already.
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