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Thread: Using MPC500 for efx through the 2000 etc. live

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    Using MPC500 for efx through the 2000 etc. live

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    First of all - hello & thanks to everyone who has been contributing to various fp threads throughout the years.
    When in need of troubleshooting - always ended up here and 9/10 left again with the answers I needed.
    Tho, in this case I haven't been able to find any suggestions to my situation.

    I'm running with a MPC2000classic with 8 o/board (not currently using), a pair of turntables and a Numark DM950 DJ mixer (tables -> mixer -> mpc)(for sampling)
    Due to shortage of cables, tracking beats into my DAW (and just getting sound in general) happens through phones out -> M Audio FastTrack Pro -> Nuendo (out of the mpc)
    Monitor system is hooked to the FastTrack.
    Now, besides that I got a Behringer Xenyx12012 mixer (8 inputs) which I really should be using and the MPC500, that has been inactive for quite some time duo the upgrade to my new best friend (2000).

    Here the deal;
    Is it somehow possible to use to efxs on the 500 for my sounds on the 2000 live?
    I'd like to keep everything inside the 2000 (still using floppys) and use that as my primary workstation -
    I know it's possible to sample into the 500, apply effects and then sample into the 2000 - or apply the effects inside the DAW itself when the beat is tracked & recorded, but was wondering if it's possible to jam with it. Like, turning up/down for the efxs on the 500 while hitting pads on 2000 l i v e.
    I'm happy enough with the eq on my mixer from tables and the lowpass filter on my 2000, but I miss things like phaser, flanger, delay, reverb, compresser and such.

    Also, if anyone has suggestions on a better way of setting up my equipment (more efficent) drop some knowledge on me, please.

    Alright, hit me!

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    Bump. I'm in the same situation. I've been using the mpc500 for quite a while now and bought myself a 2000XL. Feels so good to chop waveforms, I'm in love with this new workflow. The only problem is that I miss the effects a ton. Instead of selling the 500 for an 8outs board and a proper mixer (-$$$), could I work something out with both?

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    yo puzzled saw your response and just thought I'd let you no that I had no luck doing this with the 500 (LIVE), as you can't have efffects on the input signal while in record mode.. that being said, I found it of good use just using the 500 to record my sample into, apply the effects and then resample into the 2000, chop it up and get busy. Takes a little more effort but the results can be magnificent. just explore with your workflow man, apply different stuff, record different ways and you'll definitely find use for both the 500 and 2K as a whole. Good luck regardless and have fun.

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