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Thread: Polls: Are MPC's Passe?

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    Polls: Are MPC's Passe?

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    W/ all the new technology such as NI's Maschine, Battery, DAW Samplers & so on.. Are MPC's a thing of the past?
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    yes. The MPC has a placebo effect on producers. I think a lot of the things that the MPC are great at can be duplicated in other DAWS, but workflow is everything and i do stil know a couple of producers who still love the MPC .. Jaisu, Honorable C Note, to name a few.
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    kinda. Although Mpc imitators seem to be very popular. Although some still go strong like Araab Muzik
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    been considering getting a 5000
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    Just really depends on the person and the end goal. I have an MPC that I have used as an overpriced MPD for years but I can still see some situations where someone would prefer to sequence on the MPC.
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    the MPD is where it's at...nothing it can't do
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    I could see for some with the mindset of being able to quickly and efficiently print a track go the software route. Some people tho, you can't tell them different. Just boils down to what you prefer for your workflow.
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    Passe is cool.
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    The MPC still has a timing advantage.
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    I'm still tryna grab that MPC Renaissance. Before I got rid uh my 1000, I made my own templates in FL. Love the MPC, wish it woulda worked w/ FL how I wanted, they both want the spotlight. Lol

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