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Thread: MPC mono v stereo dumping into DAWs

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    MPC mono v stereo dumping into DAWs

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    Okay first off, yes I'll admit it, I did a half ass search before posting. I figured what I'm looking for is a bit more complex and there are more aspects that go into what I am trying to clarify. I want to ask everyone what they think of mono vs. stereo samples when dumping them into a DAW. If anything we can make this into a discussion instead of just me getting my personal questions answered.

    I have an mpc2000xl and right now im using a presonus audiobox in too my computer. For the most part I track mono drum samples into garageband (I really want Logic!) and work from there. What I'm having trouble with is the sound quality when I track into garageband. I know the mpc can only track out in mono (if there is a trick to doing stereo I would love to hear from you guys) so it's kinda tricky trying getting my tracks to sound how they do on my mpc. I wanna know if people rather work with mono tracks or stereo, more specially non drum samples...stuff you pull from youtube or records or whatever other methods you use.

    I anyone wants to enlighten me, and everyone reading how they track their stuff into their DAW of choice that would be SUPER.
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    Left outpu of mpc to Left input of audiobox
    Right output of mpc to Right input on audiobox.
    Select inpu for Stereo 1+2. Should work.
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    My personal method all depends on how I sample things into my MPC (both 2000XL and 2500). First thing is; I always sample my drums in mono, so when I go to track them out in a DAW I do so in mono as well. As far as samples, I mostly sample in mono so I track to a DAW in mono; unless there is something special about the sample that makes me want to sample in stereo, in which I'll track it in stereo.

    Tracking a mono source in stereo (the MPCs play the mono sounds through both the left and right channel unless panned) just gives you the same sound on both the left and right channel, which in my cases, in my opinion, is unnecessary, and couple play on computer processing if you're working on an older/less powerful machine.

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    I track through the 8 outs (on the XL) so stereo or mono makes no difference.
    Mono is usually the best bet though since it cuts down on time and also once it's in the D.A.W it can be duplicated as many times as needed and then panned.


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