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Thread: which mpc is the best sounding sonically?

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    3000 hands down!!!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by PrevisaoDoTempo
    You oughta change your name if you think the 3000 is too difficult.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I was thinking the exact same thing!

    RS for life foolz!!! G.A.ME's 1st beat battle Champion!

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    Not entirely relevant to OP's question, but def. still related...ONe of my roommates and I each own Triton Classics, but he just bought a MPC 500.

    For comparison, he ran the sample into both the Triton and the MPC 500. Coming from the same source with same settings, the MPC sounded better in that the sample was punchier and fuller.

    NOw I already suspected this b/c the Triton makes my samples sound WORSE than coming from the source. I have to put FX on the sample in the TRiton just to bring it up to par with the original sound. Akai must use better "preamps" or something...Anyway, I will soon own the MPC 500, at the least!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dj Frantic
    technically the best sounding would be the 4k....24 bit 96khz... which makes me sick to my My personal favorite would have to be the 60. I love that old sound.
    The 60 is the business for drum sounds... Solid!

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    4000 is hotter

    I use an MPC 3000 and the 4000 and did a track on the 3000 and then loaded the same tracks into the 4000. They came out hotter in the 4000. I had to turn the 3000 up louder to match it. Both at 44k. Believe me, that talk about the 4000 being too clean, forget it. Not at 44K!!! It sounds just as good as the 3000.
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    what about the 25..

    Quote Originally Posted by mpc4000king
    I use an MPC 3000 and the 4000 and did a track on the 3000 and then loaded the same tracks into the 4000. They came out hotter in the 4000. I had to turn the 3000 up louder to match it. Both at 44k. Believe me, that talk about the 4000 being too clean, forget it. Not at 44K!!! It sounds just as good as the 3000.
    do you think it has a better sound quality than the 2500. I was interested in that mpc also..... I feel like the 4000 is way too expensive...
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    the 60 and 3000 are it as far as phat hard hitting drums but the others like the 4000 and 2500 do a good job at percussion. I personally test the 4000 vs battery 3 and there was a noticeable cleaner sound were it gave your drums a nice top end to them and a lot of my kicks were clean sounding unlike battery were they were muddy. The 3000's sound is for sure a thicker sound but if you just want the sound id switch my choice to a s3000 or s950 sampler to get that sound. I just bought a s3000xl and its on its way so I'm about to see what sound i can get out of this.Alot of people say the s3000xl has the same sound engine as the mpc 2000xl but some same its the mpc 3000,doesn't matter which but I'm sure it will be more pleasing than software samplers.

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    I've owned/used pretty much all of the MPCs aside from the 5000 and I say that the 4000 is hands down the best. The sample quality is about as good as it gets (for now) and you can always go lo-fi if you want by sampling lo-fi material or processing your samples... so you can have the best of both worlds. It also has tons of great features.

    I honestly don't know why the MPC 60 is so hyped. I mean it's okay and all, but it isn't this magic machine that makes anything you make sound like golden era boom bap. To be honest, I find the sound of the 60 smooth and kinda thin. It sits well in a mix but on it's own it is a bit weak compared to other samplers.

    The MPC 3000 to *my* ears doesn't really sound any different than the 2000/XL. It's also more of a pain in the ass to use than the 2000 or 2000XL, so I really see no point in messing with one. The 2000 and 2000 XL (and 3000) are the punchiest-sounding MPCs of the bunch, in my opinion. Very "in your face" sounding, but not in a bad way. They just knock. The 2000XL is my preferred one of those three.

    The MPC 1000 and 2500 sound exactly the same. They are clean and neutral sounding -- a bit boring, IMO. The onboard effects are also pretty weak, but I guess they'd do if that all you have to work with. The thing that is great about the 1000/2500 is the ability to install a hard drive for cheap, the fact that USB and CF are standard, higher RAM capacity, and that you have the option of using JJOS, which is pretty damn sweet, even if I don't use all of the features.

    Personally, I think that the Ensoniq samplers sound better than the Akais, although the Akais have much better sequencers. I've found that sequencing an Ensoniq EPS16++ rack with a MPC1000 is perfect for me because I get the advantages of both.

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    It all depends on what kind of sound you consider "good." The MPC 4000 has the best sampling rate specs, so if you want super-clean sounds the 4000 can't be beat. If you want that old school hip-hop sound, it's the MPC 60. If you want another classic hip-hop sound that is a bit richer and fuller, the MPC 3000 is the best. It really just depends on what you consider "best." Also, the sound of the MPC 1000 / 2500 isn't that great. It is very bland, neutral, vanilla, whatever you want to call it. It basically just sounds like a DAW. I rarely use my MPC 1000 for sampling though... I primarily use it as a sequencer.

    For what it's worth, I think that the Ensoniq EPS 16+ is the best-sounding sampler for hip-hop and other styles where you want that crunchy early 90's hip-hop sound. I think it sounds better than the S950. It also has some great-sounding effects.
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    I wanna buy akai Mpc 3000 le
    if you have one you can sell me contact me right away

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