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Thread: Maschine Midi Integration

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    Maschine Midi Integration

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    I hope I have posted this in the correct forum.

    Right, I'll cut straight to the chase.

    I would like to pencil in to pro tools each sound in a kit I have loaded up in maschine.

    For example; a kick on c3, a snare on c2 a high hat on c3 ect.

    Is this possible?

    It may seem like a dumb question but I'm pretty new to production.

    Any help is hugely appreciated. Thanks.

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    Assuming you're running maschine as a plug-in, open Sound Midi Batch Setup for the group you want to control via midi in the host daw. The first screen shot shows where that menu is:


    Then choose your midi channel and which midi note should act as the root note (default/generally maschine pad #1):


    Lemme know if you have more questions,

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    Thanks for the quick reply Dan.

    This was really helpful thankyou.

    If i could hug you via the internet I would.

    Thanks again.

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