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Thread: ...load save problems with a Yamaha RS7000 ???

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    ...load save problems with a Yamaha RS7000 ???

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    ...I've not had it long ...and only just got the cable I needed to hook-up the Zip 100 (...borrowed from my MPC2000 set-up) problem is ...I can't figure out how to load and save samples ??? ...I can save sequence data ...just not samples ??? ...anyone know why ???

    ...thanks all ...and ...later ...Chris

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    Congrats on a powerful slept on machine. I don't have any external drives hooked up though but you may have to format the drive for the yamaha system. I'm not sure. Peace be with you.............Rob Mixx

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    I have a zip 250 and a jaz 1000 g, attached to my RS and they work fine.

    Have you located the drive with your RS? You have to set the SCSI# on the drive and RS to the same number.
    If yes, Have you formatted the the disk to the RS format?

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    i have the same problem...although i just noticed that the samples will be saved if i designate them common samples...why could this be?

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