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Thread: Korg Kaoss Pad Mini 2 VS Korg Kaoss Pad Mini

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    Korg Kaoss Pad Mini 2 VS Korg Kaoss Pad Mini

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    Thinking about getting one of these – which would be better Korg Kaoss Pad Mini 2 or Korg Kaoss Pad Mini?

    Also wanted to know how these works – I am using Reason and as I understand they don’t work with Reason, so I need to export finished beat and then add tall the effects using one of them, but do I will be able to record all these effects and then export this beat or this device is only for live shows and I can’t save beat after I put over it effects?
    I have M-audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard – to run Korg Kaoss Pad Mini 2 or Korg Kaoss Pad Mini with this soundcard I need to buy something more – like mixer?

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    Good question, I do use the version 1 of the mini but its in line with the inputs of my sound card from whatever sound source Im recording, make sense? In other words if youre using external hardware you can put it in between your sound destination and sound source to add FX. It a very nice FX unit btw. The batteries last pretty long on the 1st gen box too.

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