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Thread: MIDI Problem with new IMAC & Presonus Firestudio..

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    MIDI Problem with new IMAC & Presonus Firestudio..

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    I just purchased a new Imac 20" 2.4 Ghz with 1 GB of ram..I also just purchased the presonus firestudio project. When I set my triton up to be the controller in Logic through the Firestudio..I get a very strange problem. Every time I hit one of the keys I will hear the sound/patch I have selected in Logic along with a buzzing sound resembling a helicopter will play through my monitors/headphones for however long I hold the key. My friend says this is due to lack of ram..which I am updating to 4 GBS this week. Anybody have any ideas if this is truly why this is happening? The sound is unbearable..any help is appreciated.


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    there's no need to create multiple posts in mulitple sections.
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    double post.

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