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Thread: I've done research on soundcards and narrowed it down, PLEASE VOICE YOUR OPINION

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    I've done research on soundcards and narrowed it down, PLEASE VOICE YOUR OPINION

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    I have a custom built computer w/ 1.4 ghz, 80 gigs, with a amd chip, 256 ram, and an audigy sound card. The setup that I am going for to record is as follows...

    Audio Technica AT4040

    Art Tube Preamp

    and I'm tore between THREE choices for my sound card..

    The Echo Mona, Aardvark Direct Pro, and Delta Omni Studio.

    I plan on recording/producting and eventually purchasing an MPC 2000 , a turntable for record sampling, and maybe some type of midi controller/keyboard.

    Which soundcard matches my setup the best? Which soundcard will give me the best results?!
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    Not suree but you might want to consider researching how each performs in the OS and audio applications you plan to use.

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    Hi Flip

    I've bin using a Terratec EWS88MT for three, hassle free years with perfect clarity from 8 analogue I/Os 2 digital. Perfectly clean sound with low latency. Highly recomended.
    I can't speak for your three choices 'cos I never used 'em.
    Check out the specs for all of them though, its all down to indevidual choice and budget.
    Whatever your choice, I'm sure you will defend its merits to the world. Good luck.

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    Echo Mona

    No slight on the other cards but the Mona really is pretty faultless.

    err........Except for the Win98 Console GUI......what a shocker.
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    i use an ST Audio DSP MKII card... it's a lesser-known brand (esp. in the USA) but it supports 24/96, supports up to 8 tracks simultaneously, and inputs& outputs in XLR, SPDIF, and coax digital. good interface; kind of like Reason where you connect virtual boxes together for different applications. all for $200 ish.

    i've had it for 2 years so far and i'm satisfied...

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