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Thread: Looking for bulk collection of used vinyl

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    Looking for bulk collection of used vinyl

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    Hi, I'm looking for a bulk collection of vinyl...all for one price..Email the pictures and names to & we'll also get it dealt with from there.


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    I know you probably realize this already, but the main hassle in buying bulk vinyl is the ridiculous shipping costs unless you are local. I wish you luck.. I sold off my entire record collection 3 years ago (about 36 crates of lps and 12" singles and 4,000 or so 45's) and I tried to sell them forever... finally someone sent me a lowball offer of $1000 and I gave in. I wish you luck..
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    best to look on craigslist for local sellers trying to get rid of it. i recently bought out a dj who was going all digital he gave me a pickup truck full ( 20 crates or so ) for the low of 300 bucks just 2 get rid of it. some good stuff some junk still digging.

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