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Thread: What do u guys think of Komplete 8 Ultimate?

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    if you want bread and butter sounds don't buy komplete, if you want jack of all trades sounds then buy Komplete,... Let me correct myself, you will need to do some tweaking to get that fat lush or grimey sound from it but thats just my 2cents

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    Komplete is worth it for Massive, FM8 and Absynth alone.

    If you want a big library of sounds on top of Kontakt (and want some extra processors, compression, EQ etc), say if you think you will buy these things in the future, Ultimate is probably worth it.

    But, having a massive library of sounds might not be an advantage. Might just mean hours trawling libraries, trying to get other people's sounds to work in your tracks and not doing anything completely unique or original. A bunch of high quality compressors and EQs might be nice but for most people are just another version of something they already have.

    Id probably rather buy Komplete and Omnisphere.

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