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Thread: Weird fl studio midi out thing i am trying to understand

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    Weird fl studio midi out thing i am trying to understand

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    Okay, so basically i am i have the old version of east west RA and my goal is to run multiple instruments from one instance of the program (obviously) into the mixer. Now i havent exactly achomplished this part but i know that you have to make midi out channels and assign ports to them.However while researching/trying to figure this out, i came to the realization that i cant assign those midi outs to the mixer. Can someone explain the entire process from a to b? How do i get multiple instruments of my ra vst into multiple channels on the fl studio mixer. Seems complicated so if someone could break it down in the most basic terms that would be great. Thanks alot!

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    You have to set your plugin the the same "input port" as your midi outs, you should be able to run different midi outs by changing the "channel" to the corresponding channel on your original plug in for different sounds.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yea the one thing FL needs work on is using multi timbral VST's.. it works and all, its just, differnent and not as good as other daws. but everything else is all good.

    i usually avoid the BS by loading up another instance of the plugin all together..

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