Live Mic 1.0
by: Killa K OF K3
2006 K3 Inc.

This is something I made for all the home studio producers that don't have enough cash to buy a preamp or other equipments. This preamp was made on the program SynthEdit. It is a emulation of the $5 Preamp that people built on alot electronic schematic sites. It goes great on vocals (of course, cause thats was my intention to make it for), guitars, synths, even the whole mixed beat, etc., And you might want to add a limiter after the amping, it can get loud. I also wrapped the VST with SpinAudio VST Wrapper, so you'll also get to use it in DX host applications. I'm giving this out as a freeware, but if you like it please send a donation, so K3 Inc & K3 Records could continue working on the next versions. The donation page is also in this folder. More plugin effects and synths will be released soon, so stay on the lookout! I posting the plugins on (soon when they approve my project), and

Peace Out,

Killa K Of K3

2006 K3 Inc.
2006 K3 Records.