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Thread: GMS vs Synth1, Serum, ...

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    GMS vs Synth1, Serum, ...

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    Okay since all synths basically have the same capablities, what qualities make a plugin like Sylenth or Serum that much better than native FL ones like Harmor or GMS?

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    Most synths of the same type have similar or identical capabilities.
    It is a matter of what you actually know how to use vs whether or not stock is worse than thirdparty when it comes to the plugins themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by makingofgotham View Post
    Okay since all synths basically have the same capablities...
    They don't. They have wildly different capabilities, and even if the feature set is identical, there are multiple ways of implementing them, be it code or hardware. And of course the interface matters a lot as well - is it easy to use? Is it dumbed down too much so that advanced users will be frustrated? Are the most relevant functions available in the most logical places? And so on.

    That said, what makes you think Sylenth and Serum are better than the FL synths? Maybe they're just different?
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