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Thread: Need help in ableton with drum racks/impulses.

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    Need help in ableton with drum racks/impulses.

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    I use impulses with all my drums and snares etc. Im very new to making music and even newer to ableton. I want to know why when i use a Impulses in the instrument rack with a drum sample why the sample becomes very very loud at 0 DBS. I have to knock it down to -12.00 DBs but then the sample gets flatter. Whats a decent level so i can retain the crispness without impulse making the sample too loud??

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    I very much doubt it actually gets "flatter" when you pull it back - it's just what our ears perceive: louder things sound "better" even if they're exactly the same. But chances are that if you have multiple samples @ 0Dbfs, you're clipping the master buss, which probably sounds "crunchier".
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