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Thread: MPK Mini Help using Fl Studio and Soundkit sounds.

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    Okay so I have the Akai MPK Mini.
    I recently under went a problem with setting specific kicks, hats, kicks, etc, that I've picked to play with an individual pad.
    I no longer have that issue thanks to just messing around.
    Eventually as I dragged a certain sound (for ex. A kick). Then I deleted the Snare, Kick, Hat, Clap, they gave me originally under my first playlist.
    After that, the kick I added would map perfectly to pad 2. Along with any other sound I decided to add after that going up to pad 8.
    *Currently I cannot play keys on my keyboard except keys 1,2 and 3. Which play a pad matching with that number.
    Key one would activate pad 1, key two would activ-pad 2.
    It does this until key 3 hits pad 3. Then every key after that DOES NOT WORK.
    Now I'm not saying my only option is to use sounds such as kicks,hats that I'VE downloaded.
    But that would be ideal considering they're soundkits consisting of sounds that I LIKE.
    I'm willing to use programs within FL studio or outside that could help me use the keyboard easier or at least to it's fullest
    I Am Using Windows Seven.
    Thank you for you time, and your eyes. Please help me and other MPK users with this issue.

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    How are you mapping your sounds to your pads? It's very simple to do so is the reason I'm asking. Do you have a sound on pad 4 that your 4th key should be playing on the keyboard? <-- FREE Promotion Offers!

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