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Thread: Good Pack of Bangin' 808's?

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    Good Pack of Bangin' 808's?

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    I've always been a softer r and b kind of producer, nothing too heavy is up on my page. I'm in the middle of producing something a little more bangin' and I'm looking to buy or download a free 808 pack. I'm looking for those hard 808's you hear in alot of popular rap music. Anybody have a recommendation??

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    808s are hard hitting anyway as long as you don't mess them up. If you like they are very easy to make. Here is a video I made on how to create them from a couple years ago if you are interested in making them from scratch. They don't take very long to make. less than a minute actually this technique works on pretty much any synth. If you want to buy some the Gold Baby Tape 808s are good.

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    If you take the time to make them, they come out much better. You can tweak them and get the pitch right.

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