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Thread: Favorite vst to use

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    Favorite vst to use

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    Mine is absynth did not like its crazys sounds at first but have grown to love it how about yall?

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    They're not technically VST's but I love my twisted tools at the moment. Ultraloop, Scapes, S-Layer and Polyplex. They're so much fun they can feel like toys,
    but once you dig in you can go really deep and in-detail with your sounds as well. Kinda strikes the perfect balance between randomisation for generating
    ideas and the precision to make them shine. Every time I fire one of these up I get something real nice out of it, that I wouldn't have come up with otherwise.

    I also really like Izotope Neutron, apart from the fact it hogs the CPU pretty badly and maybe the price (there's a lot of nice shit you could get for 250).
    Everything you need to mix a sound in one box.. brilliant. I don't have much use for the track assistant/auto-mix feature. Everything else on it is great though.
    I also still use the Alloy 2 a lot because it's a lot lighter.
    I prefer the Neutron interface big time though. I like big 'do everything' plugs in general so for me they're worth the price & cpu hit.

    As for synths I'm a fan of the old Korg Legacy bundle synths. Great, affordable classic synths with a very distinct sound (and interface lol.. they take some getting used to),
    very cpu-effective too. Korg is horrible with customer service and the way the licensing works would be funny if it weren't so goddamn annoying.. .and that's if it's working right.

    Does anyone have experience with those Arturia classic synth emulations? I was looking at those to maybe buy those in the future.
    I imagine they sound good, but how are they to live with (performance, easy of use, documentation, support etc)?
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