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Thread: For those of you who use fl studio...

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    For those of you who use fl studio...

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    I was wondering if there was a way I can route multiple channels (in my mixer) to one channel (in the mixer) to one single channel controlling a filter and completely filter out the other channels? Without having to put a filter in every channel I want to filter out?

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    im not sure but you could use sends? put a send on each tracks and route them to the send channels one through four? not sure if that will help you but its a start. example put a send on mixer tracks 3,4, and 6 and tell them to rout there way over to send channel one, that way all those tracks that you selected will have send channel one where you can put your filter to controll those certain tracks.

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    Nervouspace Guest
    Yeah but the only problem with that is you have to have the volume up in whatever channel you are putting in the send so alot of the sound won't be filtered =/

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    Think your trying to do this...

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    No Not trying to do that. If you put a filter on a send it's not going to filter what is going INTO the send which is still going through the mixer

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