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Thread: Mixing in Reason vs bounce vs rewire?

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    Mixing in Reason vs bounce vs rewire?

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    waddup everyone im a long time fl user and recently ive been using reason 4 (its soundbanks and refills are awesome!). I was curious what method most of you reason users take when it comes too the mixing stage of your beats?

    The plugs in reason arent horrible i guess they get the job done but i know for sure if i bounce or rewire reason too another daw that the vst plugs i use will be leaps and bounds better then propellerhead's native plugins.

    Am i justified in thinking this way? if not, are there any reason users who are willing too back up reasons plugins and say there actually good?

    if i am right and either bouncing to wav or rewire is my best route. then my next question is should i bounce or rewire?

    i see that reason only allows you too bounce tracks too 24bits and not 32 bit float like in fl. am i shooting myself in the foot if i choose too bounce over rewiring for the sake of not slowing down my cpu?

    or should i just rewire and record the tracks into another daw? this would therotically make each rewired layer 32bits the correct?

    i would really like too go the solo each layer then bounce too wavs route. when the finished product hits cd it has too be converted too 16bits anyhow right?

    any advice or input is appriciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by statixx View Post
    Am i justified in thinking this way?
    Yes, although as you said Reason's effects aren't that bad.

    I would not worry about 24bit/32bit that much.

    I also very strongly suggest that you make and make use of a a rewire-able song-template for everything you create. Even if you really decide to not use rewire for now.
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