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Thread: Midi Keyboard not working properly?

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    Midi Keyboard not working properly?

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    I recently got FL Studio, Producers Edition. I also have a digital Piano - Yamah NP-31. I normally use the Yamaha separately to my PC, but after playing around with the piano roll, making patterns for a while, I decided that it might be easier to write bass lines and melodies with my keyboard. So, I used a midi-usb lead to link my keyboard up to my pc, the driver installed, I started up FL, and set up the keyboard in output (clicked on the USBAUDIO thing and ticked 'enable'). So, with a keyboard preset up, I tried to play a few notes - only to find that the only sounds that I could play were the four drum sounds and the keyboard. I've tried to record it directly onto Piano Roll, but it won't record - in fact, I can't use any sounds other than one sound each on the four drums, and C on the keyboard. I'd like to be able to record patterns and melodies using my keyboard. You might be able to tell, I'm kind of new to this, so forgive me if I'm missing something really obvious.
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