I searched around for this and couldn't find it. Wasn't really sure how to search for this specific issue as it is hard to describe.

I am mixing two tracks in Ableton Arrangement view. I am using an APC40 to control my low mid high. I have them already mapped to my PAN controls.

I am looking to use these knobs to make adjustments in the Arrangement view.

For example, if I am in arrangement view and I go to channel 1 and select EQTHREE, then select GAINLO, mapping this function to one of my pan knobs. I would like to pre set my levels (low,mid high for transitioning) before hitting play without doing it manually with my mouse.

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I figured it out. Unclick the Red arrangement button(next to OVR) at the top to allow adjustment.

I ran into an additional problem though with trying to move points created on the red line adjustment. When I move my GainLo knob it moves up and down. When I click a point on the line to make an adjustment up or down, the line turns brown and it switches back to session view. What is going on?

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I am getting a message saying "Awaiting pick up". I switched my pick up mode to value scaling and it hasn't changed.