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Thread: How to Chop n' Screw (DIRTY SOUTH)

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    How to Chop n' Screw (DIRTY SOUTH)

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    Witch effects and tecniques do yall use to chop/screw with tracks, and create that dirty south vocal-sound?
    So far I just lower the pitch and speed, and ad a little reverb and EQ. But it doesent get me where I wanna go, it sound to simple and nothing like the chopped vocal parts of Mike jones' tracks "everyday I'm hustlin", "turning headz" ex. and so on..
    I hope someone's got a few words on this, I really need it..

    And btw, anyone got a good piece of software for automating and screwing with the pitch and tempo of a sample?


    BTW, I use Cubase Studio 4 and I don't own a DJ set up, so it's more a question on how to chop'n screw without the turntablis.
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    best advice, ok you got the chop and screw and know how to chop, right?

    well play it normal speed, do your chops, and THEN screw it, it sounds 100 times more natural

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