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Thread: [Ableton] Complex Warp Mode for DJ Mixes

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    [Ableton] Complex Warp Mode for DJ Mixes

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    Complex mode in ableton reduces the punchy-ness of the kicks as well as making the overall sound less bright. Re-pitch mode seems to keep each tune as 'normal' as possible but with the expense of acting like a normal turntable where everything doesn't sound right if pitched up or down too drastically. As a result I've been using re-pitch exclusively for mixes because it doesn't create any artifacts. For me this hugely restricts song selection in Ableton.

    However, I'd like to be able to play a tune at +/- whatever bpm without the tune sounding off, which is why I want use complex mode but can't because of the artifacts it produces. Is there any way around this? Is there a way to use complex mode but keep the tune's punchiness? Because if I want to pitch a tune down from 140 to 132 - I can't because it sounds like dog_ on re-pitch mode. But that's the only mode that I can use.
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    I haven't noticed that big artifacts with complex mode with such a small deviation in bpm.
    Try complex pro and just play around with the parameters. Might work better.

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