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Thread: Android MIDI app

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    Android MIDI app

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    I have one question. Can I use the Android tablet as a MIDI controller, preferably as a MIDI keyboard? Is there any such applications? If I connected the tablet to a PC via a USB cable and use it with FL Studio?

    Thank you for your answers.

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    I know it's possible alright, but can't say I know anything about specific applications for that.
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    hmm, like a 16 pad app, sounds cool LOL just don't get carried away and bust that screen aha..
    yea I'm pretty sure they have keyboard and pad apps usable thru USB, don't know the details either though. I did a quick google search and didnt really find much, but I have a feeling these exsist.

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    They do exist... not sure if you can get a midi keyboard app but you'll find an mpc app most definitely... I wouldn't recomend it though unless you got a touch tablet that can take a knock or two and you might have problems with lag from you tab to your pc... that's why it would be better to buy a mobile DAW like the mobile FL studio on iOS and Android(not too sure here) but you can create melodies and export them to your pc. Heck I hear you could work on entire projects through it but I doubt you'll have space for a deep sound library on that thing cause they average at 32gig capacity and my pc is constantly telling me "f*** bruh delete some sh*t you don't need!!!"...

    In short... get a real midi that can take the punishment. It doesn't have to be the best one, it just has to do the job...

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    I made a typo though lol I meant tough tablet where I typed touch tablet

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