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Thread: T-Racks Singles

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    T-Racks Singles

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    How do the T-Racks singles work , I mean when you buy T-Racks Singles how many processors do you get ? Is it $100 for 1 fx .

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10ndaYii View Post
    How do the T-Racks singles work , I mean when you buy T-Racks Singles how many processors do you get ? Is it $100 for 1 fx .
    yes hence the word single

    not to be a jerk
    visit their site to learn more
    your best bet is the buy the T-Racks Deluxe Bundle amazing emulations and solid limiter,eq,compressors

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    To me the singles are way over priced compared to the Deluxe. Not because they are bad processors they are great I use them all the time. But because you get like 10 of them for $400 (I think $400 I paid $200 on sale) which was an amazing deal. For IK Stuff I think its best to wait for a sell because they are always offering great bang for your buck. I like the company they offer great deals for great stuff. Just saying I wouldn't buy the singles individually when buying 4 at once will get you what you want plus some if you want to pick and choose between them.

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    When you buy the T-Racks packages like Standard or Deluxe yoour u get a bundle of them. You can also pick and choose each individual one you'd like or take advantage of many sales like the current T-Racks promotion where you get the 4 classic modules for $29.99!

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