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Thread: Lemur and touchAble - via iPad in ableton 9

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    Question Lemur and touchAble - via iPad in ableton 9

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    any advise for Ableton ipad application to control LIVE 9.0 ?

    Main focus is to control devices and mixing channels in studio mode and in live show.
    i am considering between Lemur and touchAble..

    what are the advantages ?
    what limitsdo you find in each of them?

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    Never got around to trying TouchAble, but I used (tried to, at least) LiveControl2 (which is basically a preset layer for Lemur made for Live) for a while. While it worked as advertised when it did, there were a few fundamental issues that eventually made me give up and return to physical control surfaces (I was trying to replace the APC40 to regain some tabletop space): the first issue was that the connection was always a bit suspect - sometimes it'd just connect right away when I fired up Lemur, sometimes it took a random amount of fiddling with the control software or the iPad's Lemur setup or both which is quite the mood killer when you just want to make music - but of course this might have something to do with my WLAN setup rather than the system itself. Still, not quite plug & play even if it should be (after the initial config). The second issue is simply that unless tablets become haptic devices with tactile feedback, you're still staring at a screen because you can't know what you're hitting on it without looking. I don't want to have to look at a fader or knob when turning it.
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