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Thread: Yamahah rm1x sequencer, do i keep it?

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    Yamahah rm1x sequencer, do i keep it?

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    Hey all!

    I picked up a YAMAHAH RM1X SEQUENCER for $100 AUS.
    It was just an impulse buy at a cash n carry store.
    I really have no idea why I bought the thing really? all the knobs? buttons? the cool blue colour? big screen? F knows?

    I already own an MPC 1000 and a S3000XL.
    This is how I've been rollin for the last 2 - 3 years.
    I have mucked around with the RM1X once or twice and its been on the shelf ever since.

    The main thing I dont like about it, it dont sample, but hey I already own two samplers, doh!

    I make hip hop beats and get my sounds from the crates.
    The sounds in the RM1X are dance orientated, plus pretty cheesy I must say, very 90's electro sort of?

    Anyway enough of the blabber! DO I HANG ON TO THIS THING FOR THE SEQUENCER?
    I have heard its the bomb! once you get all the midi sorted with external gear eg... s3000xl.
    I feel I havent really given the thing a chance because I'm so used to working on the MPC.
    I also feel its just another thing I gotta find time to learn etc...

    What do you guys think??? KEEP IT and give it a go? or SELL IT off and buy more vinyl?

    Thanks peeps!

    Peace from OZ!


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    The sequencer is great! Also some unusual features there such as the MIDI delay effect...but if you can do what you want to with the MPC, I guess there isn't much point to it, as no one keeps the RM1X for the sounds alone...but I'd probably stick with it for a while and try to incorporate it; see how it works for you.
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    if you had a sampler with a crappy sequencer like a roland sp or a microsampler it would make sense, i agree try it out but it's ultimately not necessary, it could give you some cool sounds though.

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    The main strength of the RM1X is it's sequencer and on the fly shit like the play effects, the internal sounds could be considered to be a little cheesy but some of the drum sounds are quite alright, it even has shit that sounds like it was lifted from the Amen break and having a TR-808 style step sequencer is also kind of neat, I have recently been making a Cubase MIDI device panel for the RM1X and the bulk of the parameters belong to the effects section and that's a good way to beef up some of the sounds.

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