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Thread: Need help choosing a perfomance device

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    Need help choosing a perfomance device

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    OK, here's the deal.

    I am looking for a device or devices that can play back samples (loops) of songs I've produced. I also have a synth I want to be able to have this device sequence VIA MIDI. I do not want to play the synth live as I will have enough to do. I want it sequenced.
    I hear the MPC has midi OUT but how good is it at sequencing? I make house and general electronic based off of 4/4 "four on the floor" beats so I wasn't sure if MPC wasn't right for that since it is more hip hop groove oriented.

    I don't want to use a computer due to several reasons, one being reliability.
    So I am trying to find some "cheaper" electronic devices to achieve something.
    I know the Octatrack is pretty good at this but it's pricey for me right now.

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