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Thread: MPC vs Maschine vs Other options

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wontu View Post
    Can someone help me with my decision?
    I'm open for other options as well
    thank you..
    Based upon your prior experience with software based beatmaking, I say that your best bet is to go with Maschine. In reality the features of the MPC's, Machine and the MV are all pretty similar, you can make great music with all of them. However, I think that Maschine has the best online community of them all.

    As a beginning beatmaker, there is a lot of information you can access on the internet that will walk you through all of Maschine's major functions and features. Any question you could have about Maschine has been answered somewhere on the internet and there is more than likely a video tutorial out there about it.

    I say go with Maschine, it'll probably be most comfortable for you as a former software users. But, really, you'll be good with either.
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    I have mpc and maschine and I say hands down mpc is a much more user friendly platform.Record track one and on to the next ,after you set your tempo of course and that's it.With maschine you learn this and that before you can even record anything.With mpc everything you need to get started is right there on the screen for you:tempo,midi,timing/swing.With maschines screen you don't know where to start and the transport section my oh my.Mpc can beat just about any sequencer if not all with its ease of use and work flow.

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